The origins of the building date back to the era of the Princes of Orange in the early 16th century. In 1736, King Louis XV of France appropriated the pond and its outbuildings already surrounded by vines. Two centuries on, the Diocese of Avignon decided to establish residence on the site and convert it into a priory for its monks who also retained their status of winemakers.

When the 1905 Law of Separation of Church and State came into force at the beginning of the 20th century, the estate became the property of the department, and subsequently of the commune of Courthézon. Galleries were excavated to extract the salt from the pond. This activity was suspended a few years later to return the site to the tranquility and majesty it so rightly deserved. Troglodyte caves, connected to the building through tunnels, still stand today, along with the statue of the Holy Virgin Mary, positioned above the doorway of the south facade, bearing witness to their passage.


The Priory is now used to vinify and age the wines. This history steeped building comprises three separate cellars houses tulip-shaped vats, 75 and 100 hectoliters truncated vats, 18.7 hectoliter tuns and amphorae.

Certain areas of the cellars are carved into the sandy soils which date back 15 million years. They are connected to the main building via a tunnel that was formerly used by the monks.

The Priory has been transformed into state of the art vinification and aging cellars, and also houses a classic and timeless reception area.



Vallée du Rhône - Heritage - 2021, inauguration de la "table d'hôte"

We propose vertical tastings of our red and white wines and the ultimate food and wine pairings thanks to dishes that have been specially created to suit each vintage.

And for those with a passionate interest in cooking, take part in your Table d’Hôtes by concocting a menu alongside the chef, who will reveal his secrets to you. “L’atelier culinaire du Prieuré” is a gourmet and convivial experience, marked by the transmission of know-how.

‘La Table d’Hôte’ can be privatized for your events and receptions. It seats up to 12 guests and promises a unique and unforgettable insight.

The Priory is an authentic and timeless reception area for those wanting to take the L’Oratoire des Papes experience one step further with wine tastings and dinners prepared in our traditional Provencal kitchen.

‘La Table d’Hôte’ is giving wine and gastronomy lovers the chance to enjoy exceptionally high quality local dishes prepared by our chef in our rotisserie and seasonal kitchen. These evenings offer a laid back and informal gastronomic experience.


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